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Attaching or relocating the boom mic (video included)

Your headset may be shipped with the microphone assembly (boom microphone and cable) attached to the left earcup. If your headset is shipped with the microphone assembly packed separately, you can attach it to either earcup.

To reattach or relocate the boom microphone and cable assembly, follow these steps:

if relocating the boom microphone, use a phillips screwdriver to loosen the two screws on the access cover at the bottom of the earcup, and remove the cover to reveal the connector socket. take care not to lose the screws as they can fall out of the access cover and cable assemblies

The two screws on the access cover

Before attaching the boom microphone, make sure the cable and earcup connectors are clean and free of debris

carefully line up the microphone assembly to the small connector socket on the headset. an improperly aligned connector will not allow the connections necessary for proper operation and may cause damage

The microphone assembly to the small connector socket

Slide the connector into the socket until it is fully engaged and the cable assembly is flush with the earcup. Do not apply excessive force; you might damage the earcup

With the screw threads properly aligned, tighten the screws

Rotate the microphone boom into position so it will be near your mouth when you put on the headset. The label should be facing the lips

Attach the access cover to the earcup that does not have the boom mic attached. Align the screws and tighten them to secure the cover

Make sure you try the headset and test its operation before flight

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