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Connecting the system components

On the media centre back panel, insert the audio input cable plug into the Main speaker jack

On the Acoustimass® module connection panel, insert the other end of the audio input cable plug into the Media Centre jack

Insert the power cable into the Acoustimass module and into a power outlet

From the power supply, insert the plug of the attached cable into the DC Power jack on the media centre back panel

Insert the 2-prong plug into the power supply and the other end into a power outlet

Connect all five speakers. On the Acoustimass module connection panel, insert the colour-coded RCA plugs for all five speaker cables into the jacks labelled speakers. Notice the letters on the cable end that identify the position of the speakers in the room, and route the cable accordingly. To find out more about speaker placement, see speaker placement and ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system guidelines

Take note of each cable wire. The one marked with a red sleeve is positive (+) and the other wire is negative (-). This will guide you in connecting them to the positive (red) and negative (black) terminals on the back of each speaker

Press the terminal tab on the back of the speaker and insert the red sleeved wire (+) into the red terminal and the other wire (-) into the black terminal. Release the tab to secure the wire. Repeat this step for each of the five speakers.

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