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Placing the speaker

When using your SoundLink® speaker indoors, the tonal quality can vary depending on where you place the speaker in a room. When moving the speaker around within a room or from room to room, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • The speaker is designed to sound best when placed on a shelf, counter, desk or tabletop that is 61 cm to 122 cm high
  • For best bass response, the speaker should be placed near a wall; bass response decreases as the speaker is placed closer to the centre of a room
  • When operating the speaker, always use the cover as a stand. Do not lay the speaker on its back. Sound is emitted from both the front and rear of the unit
  • The speaker should not be placed in small areas that are enclosed on all sides except the front, as this will adversely affect sound quality
  • Do not place the speaker on wet or dirty surfaces. Doing so could transfer dirt, sand or moisture onto the speaker when the cover is closed

Note: If you are using your speaker outdoors, you should expect the tonal quality to change as you move farther from the speaker.

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