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Remote does not work

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If the soundbar is not responding to power, volume and source selection commands from the remote provided with it, try the following:

Operate the remote within 6 metres (20 feet) of the soundbar, as this is its maximum operating range.

If the six source icons on the remote are blinking, the remote is not associated with the soundbar.

To re-associate the remote with the soundbar:

  1. Remove a battery from the remote
  2. On the soundbar, touch and hold the Action button (the circle icon) for 5 seconds
  3. Reinsert the battery into the remote
  4. After 15 seconds, the remote and soundbar will be re-associated with one another

Install a set of new batteries in the remote. If you've recently replaced the batteries, make sure that the positions of the + and - symbols on the batteries match the + and - markings inside the battery compartment.

Installing the batteries

Reset the soundbar by unplugging its power cable from the power socket, waiting 30 seconds and then firmly plugging the power cable back into a working socket.

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