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Replacing the system battery

To purchase replacement batteries, contact your local authorised Bose dealer. Be sure to dispose of the old battery properly. To remove and attach a new battery, follow these steps:

Using your thumbnail or a coin, push in the slotted knob on the battery and turn it anti-clockwise to unlock the battery

Carefully pull the battery away from the back of the system

On the new battery, make sure the slot in the knob on the battery is in a horizontal position

Insert the battery into the multi-pin connector

Push in the slotted knob and turn it clockwise until the slot is vertical. This locks the battery in place

Connect the power supply and charge the battery

WARNING: Replace the system battery with a genuine battery from Bose® or an authorised Bose® dealer. Bose® cannot guarantee the safety and compatibility, or assure the operability of batteries from other manufacturers for use in operating your Bose® system.

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