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Sleepbuds do not charge

If your sleepbuds do not charge, here are a few things you can try:

Make sure the sleepbuds are connected properly to the charging case. The contacts should be aligned, and the lights on the outside edge should flash while charging, or solid if fully charged

Check the charging case battery indicators to make sure that the battery of the case isn’t depleted

Make sure that the charging contacts for each sleepbud are visible through the back of each StayHear+ Sleep tip

Make sure there is no debris or wax build up covering the charging contacts on the sleepbuds or the charging pins in the case

If the sleepbuds have been exposed to high or low temperatures, let the sleepbuds return to room temperature and then try charging again

Reset the charging case (with sleepbuds in the case) by inserting a paper clip in the back of the case until you feel a click

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