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Using your System menu

Using the System menu, the following system settings can be adjusted as needed.


Note: Listening to an audio source while you make audio adjustments can be useful in fine-tuning your selections.

Bass compensation: Low-frequency reproduction, default is set to normal (0), can vary from -9 to +14

Treble compensation: High-frequency reproduction, default is set to normal (0), can vary from -9 to +14

Audio processing: "AUTOMATIC" can be changed to "USER ADJUSTABLE," which allows additional options in the settings list

Input levels: Analogue or digital input from TV, VCR, CBL-SAT or Aux, default is set to normal (0), can vary from -6 to +6. Allows you to set your device volume levels to be balanced with internal source volumes

ADAPTiQ®: Set to OFF—or ON if ADAPTiQ audio calibration has been run. To override ADAPTiQ effects, choose "ERASE"

Expansion protocol: Not for use unless it is indicated by a Bose® technician. Only used with legacy Bose® products

CBL-SAT/VCR audio: Can be set for TV stereo instead of 5.1 reproduction


TV power: Manual TV on/off can be changed to automatic. For a TV connected by scart, the choice is EURO

TV power status: Indicates TV sensor detection after TV power is set to automatic. Otherwise, this is not adjustable

Widescreen TV: Allows you to change from a normal screen (4:3) to a widescreen (16:9) format

Widescreen DVDs: Allows you to change from the original DVD format to one for a normal screen (4:3) (only applies to some discs)

Video Connector: Can change to reflect the type of video connector (Component or HDMI®) being used

TV video format: Allows you to change from the standard monitor setting to the setting for a multiple format monitor

Video black level: The intensity of black on screen can be darkened (unless HDMI or Component Video connects the TV)

Video resolution: When using a VS-2 video enhancer, allows for the resolution setting to be changed while watching a video source

Persistent video: When using a VS-2 video enhancer, it can be set so the TV image from a video source remains on screen when an audio source is selected

Settings on TV: When using a VS-2 video enhancer, it can restrict the video settings list to appear on the media centre display only (not on the TV)

Media Centre

Display brightness: Adjusts the brightness level of the Media Centre's display (bright: 4, darker: 1 - 3)

Display language: Can change from English to one of eight other languages

Optical source: Can change from NONE to Optical Audio for TV, VCR, CBL-SAT or Aux

Digital Audio Output: Can change to PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) to increase compatibility with a connected digital audio source

Tuner spacing: Can change from one standard station spacing for AM and FM to a different regional standard

Remote Control

TV brand and code plus device, brand, and code for CBL-SAT, VCR and Aux: the choices you make here allow the remote to control each device

TV control: Can choose to have the Aux, VCR or CBL-SAT device (instead of your TV) respond to the TV source button

Remote version: Can change the function of some remote buttons to control either Teletext or record operations

IR control: Can change to allow (teach) another remote to control the system using IR commands (on)

DVD Lock

Create, confirm, enter and change password: Can be set to restrict the use of some videos

Lock disc: Can be used to prevent unauthorised viewing

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