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Watching a DVD

To watch a DVD on the system, follow these steps:

Turn on your TV

On the remote, press CD∙DVD to select the disc player as your source. This will turn the system on if it was off

On the media centre, lift the door and press the Open/Close button. The tray will eject

Place the DVD disc in the disc tray, with the label facing up

Press Open/Close again to close the tray

On the remote, press PLAY.

Note: some DVD videos may ask you to make some onscreen selections before the movie starts.

Remote functions to operate a DVD

CD∙DVD: press to select the DVD as the source.

Play: press to play the DVD. Also resumes play after pausing.

Pause: press to pause the DVD. This will freeze the video on a single video frame. Press pause again to resume play.

Stop: press once to stop the disc. Press again to reset a DVD to the beginning.

Channel/track/chapter: press chapter forward to skip to the next chapter of the DVD. Press chapter back to skip to the previous chapter.

Repeat: while a disc is playing, press once to repeat the chapter, press twice to repeat the disc that is currently playing.

Seek: the seek function allows you to search backward or forward through a disc in incremental speeds (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x) when you press the button repeatedly.

Navigation pad: use the arrows to navigate DVD menus. Press enter to select highlighted option. These options will vary depending on the DVD.

DVD menu: this will display DVD menu options onscreen.

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